Building of Municipality of Kiustendil

The Kiustendil "Alma Mater"

A few years after the Liberation, the Pedagogical School was built according to a project by the Viennese architect Friedrich Grunanger. The building of Kyustendil’s “Alma Mater” was opened in 1894 and to this day, it proudly stands in the ideal center.

The building has changed its purpose many times over the years:

During the First World War, it was the headquarters of the Army in Action. It was visited by a multitude of Allies representatives, among wich is the last Austro-Hungarian Emperor Charles.

After 1930, it housed the Judicial Chamber of Kyustendil, which is the first courtroom in Bulgaria;

Between 1959 and 1973, the District Committee of the Communist Party was housed there, and then the Municipal People's Council.

Today the building houses the Municipality of Kyustendil. The meetings of the Municipal Council are conductedin it.



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