Hisarlaka Fortress, near Kyustendil

vidence of the life of the ancient people can be found in the town of Kyustendil and near the present-day villages of Shishkovtsi, Piperkov Chiflik, Vaksevo and others. The hot mineral springs, located at the foot of the hill Hisarlaka, are one of the main factors that contributed to the emergence of the Thracian settlement since the end of the Bronze Age.

The rise of the settlement was associated with the Roman Empire. At the beginning of the second century, during the reign of Emperor Mark Ulpius Trajan, it became a city and a regional center. The city of Pautalia is increasingly mentioned in historical sources. Researchers believe, that the name comes from the Latin word for ‘source’.

During the dynasties of the Antonine and the Severan, the city experienced significant prosperity – the fortress wall was built, along with number of public and private buildings, the street network and the city sewerage.

The settlement became a place for treatment and recreation of the elite, Roman citizens and the emperor.

One legend narrates, that Emperor Marcus Aurelius suffered from a bad skin disease. However, owing to his visit to the Pautalia mineral baths, the ruler-philosopher was successfully healed. As a sign of gratitude, he ordered the construction of the city fortress walls.

Towards the IV century refers to the construction of the fortification on the hill of Hisarlaka as a fortress, intended for additional security against invasions. he fortress has this role This role not only in antiquity, but it continued in the Middle Ages.

Today, located on a hill above the city, Hisarlaka Fortress has been restored partly with its old size. The scale of the object is eloquently evidenced by its volume and the finds on display, which can be seen in combination with a magnificent pine forest, clean mountain air and superb views of the surroundings.

There you will find 1300 acres of forests, combined with many trails and easy access by car, zoo, sanatorium for children, the Alley of Health. In the center of all this is the restored fortress Hisarlaka, which reveals a wonderful view of the city and the valley



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