Kadin Bridge, Nevestino

Connecting the two banks of the Struma River near the village of Nevestino, Kadin Bridge is one of the Ottoman’s masterpiece architectures. Built in 1470 by order of Grand Vizier Isaac Pasha.

If you look closely, at its one end, you can see an inscription carved into its wall, which states that the bridge is provided for the passage of the Great Vessel’s travellers.

Even today, the bridge connects the two sides of the village and is actively used, including for car traffic.

Several legends are connected with its construction. The most famous claims, that the construction of the bridge did not go well. Everything the workmen built during the day was torn down at night. Eventually, they decided that they should sacrifice one of their wives – the one who came first to visit them. Struma, the bride of Master Manol, came first. She was walled up in the foundations of the bridge. Hence, comes the name of the bridge- Kadon (the name of the bride).

Kadin Bridge is one of the remarkable architectural monuments from the period of the 15th century. Therefore, it is declared as an architectural monument of the culture with national importance. Close to it, there is situated a small park with places for relaxation and a fishing pier, which you can visit.



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